PoloWorks is delighted to announce our latest appointed representative, Segment Risk Limited

Simon Sykes, CEO, PoloWorks is delighted to announce that latest appointed representative partner, Segment Risk Limited, has launched their business and has been actively underwriting from last month.

Bill Fleming, Segment Risk Principal & CEO, and Keith Bryceland, Founding Principal, specialise in the healthcare cover space, offering integrated solutions to consultant, healthcare providers and medical device companies. Keith’s 30 years of London Market experience provides the expertise enabling him to create novel insurance products to fill the gaps in the healthcare value chain. The Segment Risk team bring innovation to the market, through their unique distribution model and products, and have a wealth of industry expertise.

Segment Risk Limited is a valued partner of PoloWorks, who have guided and supported Segment Risk as a new market entrant, and continues to deliver ongoing support through the provision of various infrastructure and compliance services.

PoloWorks is a unique third-party solutions provider, supporting all types of new market entrants, from innovative disruptors to entrepreneurial start-ups. Clients, such as Segment Risk, can choose from a range of operational ensuring that flexible solutions accommodate specific and bespoke requirements.

PoloWorks continues to build out its position as both an independent MGA platform and turnkey agency in the Lloyd’s market, focussing on attracting both established and ‘new model’ clients seeking market entry.

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