PoloWorks Launches New Digital Division to Support Insurance Industry Digitisation

Pursuing our commitment to supporting the digitisation of the London insurance market, PoloWorks is proud to introduce Polo Digital, a comprehensive digital toolkit for brokers and insurers in the market.

Polo Digital looks to support market reform initiatives as part of the Blueprint 2 vision and offers a variety of services including data storage, management and analysis of underwriting data sets and incorporates cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

As an SME, our ability to set Polo Digital apart from competitors lies in our commitment to delivering a highly personalised and tailored experience, ultimately leading to a more efficient and seamless experience for all market participants.

Digital Transformation: A New Era of Efficiency

The launch of Polo Digital is aligned with Blueprint 2, the comprehensive plan for market modernisation designed by Lloyd’s. Blueprint 2 seeks to replace outdated methods with end-to-end digital processes, dramatically transforming how business is conducted within the insurance industry. Polo Digital is positioned to play a key role in this digital revolution, offering services that directly support Blueprint 2’s objectives.

“As a major provider of risk capture and exposure management services to the London market, it became apparent in conversations with our clients that digitisation of these business-critical services was key for them and Polo.”.

Richard Lawson, CEO of Polo Commercial Insurance Services.

The Polo Digital platform offers a suite of digital solutions, including the creation, storage, transformation, and management of underwriting data sets through Digitisation as a Service (DaaS). This service represents a significant stride towards a digital-first approach, enabling businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and meet the imminent requirements of Blueprint 2.

Data Integration: The Power of Unified Data

One of the core offerings of Polo Digital is its robust data integration services. In an industry where data-driven decisions are paramount, integrating data from disparate sources into a unified view can be transformative. Polo Digital’s DaaS enables businesses to seamlessly combine and analyse data, providing them with comprehensive insights and promoting informed decision-making. Such an integrated approach to data is crucial in the current era of rapid technological progress, where the ability to make sense of vast amounts of data can confer a competitive advantage.

“Data integration services are crucial for businesses looking to gain holistic insights from their data,”

Paul Andrews, PoloWorks and PMA, CEO

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier in Insurance

At the heart of Polo Digital’s new services is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI will be used to support Polo’s underwriting and broking clients, backing the Blueprint 2 initiative and the use of the Market Reform Contract version 3. The application of AI technology within this context is ground-breaking: it will not only streamline processes but also bring about a new level of accuracy in risk analysis and assessment, ultimately driving value for clients.

Polo Digital’s launch is underpinned by Polo’s strong commitment to support brokers and insurers. Realising that our partners will need more comprehensive support with the digital change. Polo Digital is designed to assist them in accurate data entry, a critical element for reaping the benefits of core data records.

Under the leadership of CEO, Richard Lawson, Polo Digital is set to become an integral part of Polo’s external services arm, Polo Commercial Insurance Services (PCIS). “We have been working on optimising our services to provide digital solutions delivered by subject matter experts at Polo Digital,” said Lawson. This commitment to delivering expert, innovative solutions is a testament to PoloWorks’ ongoing dedication to its clients and the wider insurance industry.

Our Commitment to Digitisation

As the industry moves towards a digital-first approach, PoloWorks continues to lead with its innovative solutions and a commitment to digital transformations in the insurance market.

Paul Andrews, PoloWorks and Polo Managing Agency CEO commented on this significant milestone, “Our new offering will help organisations efficiently capture data, combing it from different sources to create a unified view, a vital step in enabling them to meet the challenging requirements of Blueprint 2 market modernisation.

“It is our intention that Polo Digital will create data services which will continue to evolve with market technological advancements, enabling businesses and individuals to harness the power of data for innovation, efficiency, and decision-making in the digital age.”

The launch of Polo Digital marks a fantastic development in PoloWorks’ journey. As the drive for digital transformation gains more speed, the PoloWorks team looks to support the insurance industry towards its promising digital-first future.

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