Actuarial & Finance
Full finance support tailored specifically for every business.

PoloWorks offers full financial support for all stages of a syndicate’s life cycle. This includes establishing robust investment governance, setting investment objectives and associated parameters, and overseeing outsourced investment arrangements.

We implement a liquidity policy along with associated appetites and reporting, whilst also forecasting and monitoring cashflow. Additionally, PoloWorks develops and manages associated stress testing making sure that you have no outside pressure on your business’ finances.

Financial reporting is also delivered to you and regulators, and we engage with our Client Finance team, as required, to deliver the most accurate of data.

There are no one-size-fits-all models here, so if you have a requirement that our Actuarial and Finance team could help with, lets talk.
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Actuarial & Finance
The Team
Matthew Bishop
CFO, PoloWorks
Robert Bunbury
Chief Actuary
Sarah Allen
Head of Capital

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