Syndicate Management
From the new entrant's process at Lloyds through to reinsurance to close. Incorporating turnkey management.

Underwriting Governance

  • Development of the syndicate’s business plan, including underwriting strategy support, resources and capital
  • Oversight and governance of underwriting and claims, exposure management, reinsurance and delegated underwriting

Risk & Compliance

  • Tailored risk management solutions, including risk governance, risk frameworks and risk monitoring
  • Primary validation of Solvency II internal models

Actuarial & Financial

  • Actuarial work includes actuarial reserving and capital modelling
  • Assist in the preparation of statutory accounts, regulatory returns and other accounting and reporting.


  • Key services include outsourced management and data processing/cleansing for regulatory reporting.
  • Integration of resilience practices into daily business operations
The syndicate management team works with clients to deliver, or support, the following suite of services, according to bespoke needs:
Download the Polo Managing Agency – Example of Syndicate Management Matrix below.
  • Full Syndicate

    Successful track record in taking syndicates through the entire lifecycle from new entrant start up to turnkey.
  • Syndicate in a box

    A digital led proposition to provide lower operating costs and a speedy launch.
  • Captive Syndicate

    An operating model to allow captives to operate efficiently within the market.
  • Run off syndicate

    Extensive experience in managing run off syndicates and has recently launched s1254.

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